jusummerhayes (jusummerhayes) wrote,

We've moved

“Experience life in all possible ways --

good-bad, bitter-sweet, dark-light,

summer-winter. Experience all the dualities.

Don't be afraid of experience, because

the more experience you have, the more

mature you become.”

― Osho

I’ve spent the last four days moving house. After 14 years in the same place, I can’t believe how much stuff we’ve accumulated. (And there was me thinking I was a minimalist!)

I don’t mind hard work but the body does rebel when you’ve lifted the nth box and your back is screaming out in agony. It wasn’t like I felt like an old man, I am an old man (48 but I’ve made those said years count).

How was your weekend?




None of the above?

This week, I’ll be trying to get ready for a week’s holiday in Portugal to celebrate my brother’s 50th birthday, which was actually last year. At the time, we couldn’t afford it; but now although we’ve got a little money put away, I feel the time is right. I hope we can all find our stuff in among the clothes etc. etc.

The timing is good also because BT won’t instal new WiFi until 25th July, which means my ‘social media’ output will be limited. I will take a computer away with me on holiday, but only so I can continue to write whilst I’m away. I know that I’ll still want to get up and do something before everyone else rises.

It will be nice to spend some time with my brother and his family -- I suspect it will be the last big holiday we have as two families taking account of our childrens’ different ages and financial position.

I hope my brother takes the time to reflect more deeply on his life. I’ve detected a melancholy of late and whilst I’m sure the holiday will help lift his flunk, I hope too that it makes him reflect on how precious life is and what he wants to do with what remains of it.

I’ve not really kept up with the news but again that’s a good thing. I was getting tired of hearing the same old crap.

That said, have I missed anything?

I assume we’re still headed for the Exit on Europe? I wish the Government would get on with it!

Anyhow, until tomorrow now.

PS. I might share some pictures of my new house once we get a bit straighter.


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