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Place your social media bets

Ideas that spread.

The connection economy.

The longer, long tail.

These are all concepts that underpin social media (all the links are worth opening and reading).

But the thing that vexes most people is knowing which of a multiplicity of platforms are worth investing in.

If you haven't seen the current landscape - and this is by no means complete - please download and study the Conversation Prism.

No one platform can hope to tick all the social media boxes. In any event, until you have your buyer persona(s) worked out, it's a bit pointless opting for one over another.

My advice is to think long and hard before you invest all your time in platforms like Facebook, Google+ or Instagram. It's not just a question of ownership (even though that's pretty crucial), rather you want to have greater control over content production, the look and feel of the platform and to find a place where your ideas can spread.

I still believe that a blog is your first weapon of choice. And don't think of it purely in written form. Think like a publisher. What would your favourite in-the-past magazine editor have done to significantly grow the readership? Old school doesn't mean that all the previous ideas are moribund. You might think your entering a crowded market. You're not. And even if there are several blogs hogging the limelight, if you keep asking the question "what's missing", it won't be long before you come up with a novel set of ideas to scale your blog/business.

Even if you feel a blog out of reach, you have to start producing more original content. When I look at all the sharing that goes on across the social media landscape, I'm drawn to the conclusion that people are not that committed in the originality stakes. They think they can get away with reposting someone else's content. Take my word for it, there is only so much of the same stuff I want to read. The thing is if you have picked up on a half decent piece of content, you can bet your bottom dollar that so will a slew of other people.

In summary, chose your platform carefully, but focus on something that will keep your passion alive, rather than the allure of the next shiny thing.

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