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Where did that weekend go?


Where did that weekend go?

Mostly, if not exclusively helping 'H' get to a couple of races. She's getting better all the time, but I know feels a little low in not winning. It will come.

It was father's day in the UK (Sunday) and I had some lovely cards from the girls and a few presents, but to be honest I didn't get the chance to celebrate it as I was on call for 'H'. I've mixed emotions about the time when she's racing unsupported: on the one hand it will be good to reclaim my time; but on the other hand I enjoy watching her race.

How was your weekend?


This week at work I've got lots planned but I suspect it will be quiet with a few people away or on holiday.

My book outline isn't complete and if I get that done it will be a good result. It feels much better that I've sat down to plan things. The stop start in the past is a product of Resistance and my poor working methodology. I feel much better about things at the moment, but realise that I've got to write more.

We vote this week in the EU Referendum. I will vote to stay in. Period.


I wish 16 year olds got a vote, not that I think it would tip the scales one way or the other but they should have a vote. Hell, it's their future we're talking about, not mine.

Anyhow, enough for now. (I'll get rumbled one of these days writing here when I should be working.)


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