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Why everyone should use Soundcloud

I was an early adopter of Soundcloud.

I discovered it from reading Fred Wilson's blog. His venture capital company, Union Square Ventures, is an investor.

For those of you who have heard me speak, you will know that I am a big fan. When I initially explored the platform there were few commercial players - it was mainly for recording artists - but from about December 2012 I noticed that more mainstream operators were gravitating to the site and posting non-music content.

But why should everyone adopt it as part of their business development or brand building strategy?

  1. It is easy to use. You can upload from a laptop, tablet or mobile device. You can use a professional sound recording device if you wish but it is not essential.

  2. It has great content.

  3. It is part of the connection economy, albeit that it may still be weighted in the music space.

  4. It has evolved and continues to do so. Unlike some social media platforms that rest on their laurels, Soundcloud gets better and better.

  5. It gives you the opportunity to grow your tribe.

But, more than anything else, you need to think of it as part of your integrated blogging strategy. For too long, I have espoused the need for everyone to have a blog. I am not sure if anyone has taken my message to heart but I have made it crystal clear that a blog should not just be in writing. Mixed (interesting) media should be the focal point of your endeavour. I know there will be some people who espouse the need to become the best writer in the world (your world) but, nowadays, we expect to witness something that is more interactive. There has to be an experience. Sound is one part of that as is video and infographics.

A lot of my work is in the professional services space. I am not sure if it is a universal phenomenon but too often the plethora of excuses is overwhelming as to why it is impossible or hard to get a blog off the ground. Even when one is established few professionals seem to have the inclination to go beyond repurposing moribund news. Try as I might to educate them about the power of blogging, it seems utterly pointless. However, when I say that they can dictate a blog their what's-in-it-for-me eyes light up.

Of course from a client or customer perspective you may have some difficulty in getting traction. For a start, not many of them will have a clue what Soundcloud is all about, given their likely demographic and uptake of digital. Do not despair. Give them a reason to go there. Send them a link via email or a letter. Put up a prize for the best comment left on a recording or something similar. If all you do is record something and hope that people will migrate there of their own choice then you are deluded. Even for someone hooked on sound, I still need a good reason to hit the play button and share. Right now there probably is not a big community for your space (save music) but I am sure that will grow. The thing is like any process of early adoption if you can establish a space, you will at least find that when someone thinks of your niche they will think of you first and not others.

If you wanted to do more with Soundcloud and get some further advice, then I have now opened up Clarity which is a online coaching platform. Even if you don't feel inclined to go that route, I would be delighted to explore how Soundcloud can help you and your business.


PS. Here is a little piece of music that I have shared on Twitter but at least it gives you an idea of the platform.

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