jusummerhayes (jusummerhayes) wrote,

Monday, 6 June 2016

Good morning.

I didn't quite make the normal 5am 'rise and shine' -- it slipped by 45 minutes -- but I'm up early. I've posted this week's blog (you'll see the Tweet at some point in my LJ feed). The words seem particularly prophetic today, given a few issues I'm having to cope with at home -- walk my talk is all I'll say.

No doubt, today will be another day of office stuff but I will find the time to hopefully finish the outline for my book and look at what I've already written -- I've two drafts -- to see if any of it can be salvaged.

I had some further bad news over the weekend with one of the ladies who works on reception losing her father. Judging by the picture on FB, I would guess he was no more than 60. For a business that employs less than 50 people, to lose two people very close to the people who work in the business is devastating news for me and all the staff. I'll need to think carefully about how we deal with the news. I don't expect to see either member of staff back to work for a while -- and that's exactly how it should be.

My eldest daughter left at the end of last week and is spending a few days with my brother martinsummerhay and my sister-in-law. It will be nice for her to catch up with her cousins, but she'll be back to London this week ready for her art show. We collect her (or rather Mum does because I'm in Bristol with 'H') on 18 June. 'F' seems a bit lost without her; in her absence and more generally, I desperately need to spend time with 'F' because at the moment I'm not sure why I feel she's drifting along, but there's a sense that she needs a focus be that around horses, tramps or something else. (She's spending way too much time on her phone which for a 12 year old worries me.)

I'm off to Bristol on Wednesday, which will be nice. It's for work but then again it's always nice to get away from sleepy old Devon. As much as I love the place, it's very small and I feel increasingly that everyone wants to move here to retire but there's far less 'energy' -- if you can describe it that way -- to build something, whether that be a business, a social enterprise or even a movement. I'm not longing for a faux version of London but I just wish we could do something to level up the demographic.

Anyhow, I'll sign off with this week's Quietmusic by Nick Francis. It's got a brilliant Fleetwood Mac track.


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