jusummerhayes (jusummerhayes) wrote,

Thursday, 2 June 2016

“the free soul is rare, but you know it when you see it - basically because you feel good, very good, when you are near or with them.”
― Charles Bukowski, Tales of Ordinary Madness

A quiet start to the day. No School run this week which is making my mornings feel like mornings, not another crazed part of the day.

First thing: Jane Kenyon poetry. A book on contemplation -- I've not got many pages left, and I'm inclined to reread it; I don't do that very often. Writing my morning pages using my wonderful Conklin pen. Walked the pooch, Alfie, and started to jog/run again in contemplation for a 5k race. No obvious discomfort in my hips but my knee didn't feel quite right -- oh well, that's old age for you.

In the office. In the office. Sorry. I needed to remind myself of the need to work...for someone else, albeit that there's so much I could do but there's no or little appetite for (organisational) change that a big slice of me -- the egoic part most likely -- wishes for something more...exciting.

I will write today. Not blogs. Actually, I will write in part the blog for next Monday, but I'll write a few pages of my book, some more poetry and see what else materialises. I'll be on my Jack Jones tonight as Alli and the kids have gone to Padstow (or is that Padstein?) to meet up with Mary and her two kids. Of course, if I wasn't going on holiday in July (which I've had no part in organising) then I would have had the week off.

Oh well, never mind.


Forever onwards...

PS. I wanted to quote a different Bukowski poem but it was too dour, even for me.

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