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Ten social media tips

My ten tips:

  1. Think about the internal position. There is far more to be gained by generating a groundswell of social media activism. If the 'top' get it they are not going to use it. The people closer to the bottom will but need to be empowered to do so.

  2. What is remarkable about you or your business? How can social media help you leverage your advantage even if it's paper thin?

  3. Plan everything, particularly the development and syndication of your content.

  4. Start a blog. This sounds 101 but I'm staggered how many people are still ignorant of what a blog is and can do for them or their business.

  5. Stop what you doing and start again. Don't ever be afraid in social media land to say you got it wrong.

  6. Have a point of view. If you are trying to focus only on the middle ground guess what... that's exactly what you will look and feel like.

  7. Cut down on your activity. More is not better. It's just more. Focus instead on creating that elusive Tribe. They will value your value.

  8. I know many people hate the word authentic but rather than trying to find the sweet spot, speak openly and honestly about what floats your boat. Everyone has something of interest and it's rarely to be found in marketing gobbledygook.

  9. Turning the tap on and off is never a good idea. We all get disillusioned with something when we don't get the 'results' we seek but social media is not a bloody marketing machine. It's a suite of communication platforms. So communicate regularly or not at all.

  10. Have some fun. Stop gritting your teeth. If it's not your cup of tea then don't do it.

I know it's easy for me to say all these things but if you don't have the passion and love of your art (that's how I see social media), then stop fooling yourself and go and do something that aligns with who you are. But please do it with gusto, meaning and with that eternal sense of optimism that social media always leaves me feeling.


PS. As you can see, I haven't given up on LiveJournal. For me it fits somewhere in the middle of my regular blog and Tumblr. I'm surprised more people haven't given it a whirl particularly those people who keep talking about starting a blog but never do!


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