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I've updated it.

If I'm able to raise the necessary funds for another year of hosting — it's around £200 — then I'll keep it. If not, it will go to the blogosphere in the sky.


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Good morning 🧊

Good morning from a rather chilly Devon.

Overnight, we're supposed to have had snow on the high Moors (Dartmoor and Exmoor). I don't know: where I live — about 16 miles from the highest point of Dartmoor — it looks, from my little office window, wet and a bit slushy.

I hope 🤞 that my wife and I can get to work. Sadly, despite living in an area that does get snow and ice — not on a biblical scale but it comes every year — we never seem equipped both at a macro (i.e. the County) and a micro (i.e. the car drivers) level.

Anyhow, the coffee is poured. I've gone a bit OTT with the amount, but, hey, at least it will keep me functioning for the next couple of hours before I have to refuel. These days, two cups a day is my limit before I switch to water and possibly the occasional green tea mid-afternoon.

At work, I've got a piece of litigation that's bubbling away. It's nothing compared to what I used to deal with but it's not something the directors of my current company like or are used to. It's not so much that it sends them into a tailspin but, rather, they like to sort things out in a commercial and pragmatic way — always the best way in my opinion — and when the other side, not in nasty way I might add, starts waving the big stick, well, let's just say they're out of their comfort zone.

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Mea culpa

Today, I lost two Livejournal friends.

Or to be precise: they unfriended me.

I've not reached out to enquire why; I respect anyone who does so — it's a free place.

But I am genuinely sorry if I've caused offence, gone off topic or pi**ed them off.

Perhaps in time I might, once again, earn their trust but, in the meantime, all I can do is show up, write or share and, well, the rest (I hope) will look after itself.

Much love, Ju.

Photo by Matthew Henry on Unsplash

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This looks interesting.

I hope we've still got a Netflix subscription? I never use it; the family does — a lot.


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Monday morning

I work in an office.

I've done so for a very long time — since 1989.

It's not been my exclusive domain: I've worked (inter alia) on building sites, digging graves, calling bingo and at home.

For me, Monday has never meant anything more than another day of work. It comes, it goes and, before you know it, the weekend arrives.

But, I know, for a lot of people, they dread it 😰.

I should, perhaps, ask them "Why?", but I guess it's the monotony, the drudgery of work or having to face their denuded soul(s) all over again.

One day, well, as I keep saying, it won't come again. That statement's not life-sustaining or anything but for me at least, it's a healthy dose of the awesomeness of life.

To be clear, I've never been into cheerleading. I don't believe that anyone can motivate another human being over the long haul. Sure, you might have your senses heightened by bearing witness to the feats and endeavours of others, but you're unique, meaning, you'll always express yourself the way you'll express yourself.

I also realise that not everyone works. Some people can't, some are retired and others would like to but aren't given the chance. And to that extent, I'm talking, not for the first time, from a privileged position.

But whatever the circumstances, we'd do well to pinch ourselves to remind us that this day is unique and will never come again.

Much love ❤️, Ju