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Paris-Roubaix - the best race in the world

This is the hardest race in the world -- Paris-Roubaix. Despite all the doping issues surrounding US Postal, I still feel that George Hincapie was the best classics rider never to win Hell of the North. As to who will win tomorrow's race, I would love to see 'G' win it, but I would be amazed if he manages to pull it off. I don't have Sky anymore, so I'll have to make do with Eurosport on my computer.

Yeah, it's one of the sporting highlights of the year for me. Put it this way, I'm a Manchester United fan, but I'll be recording tomorrow's Manchester derby so that I can watch Paris-Roubaix live.

And as a Welshman, yeah, I'd love to see G win!
Without Spartacus to contend with, hopefully it will come down to the strongest 5/6 riders. And I really hope G can stay with them. As to Wiggo, I don't believe he'll be anywhere near the front!